Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Out like a lamb...

March lived up to its proverbial self this year. The month began with our only snowstorm and left us today with warm sun and clear skies. The girls and I ventured out for a walk and some sidewalk chalk. Helllooooo, April! Helllooooo, spring!

The day was perfect, except poor Emma is sick. Really sick. You can see the evidence here:

Just plain silly!

Hannah and Delaney seem to have the most fun together in the late afternoon and early evening. Today they spent some time on Delaney's bed, being just plain silly. I liked the way their faces looked in these pictures, but I cropped out a lot of "stuff" that made the pictures busy and headache-inducing, so they are a little blurry. Cute nonetheless:

Spring Arts Show

Another year has passed and it was once again time for Hannah's Spring Arts Show at her school. The pictures that I took at the performance did not turn out well, but here are some that highlight her artwork. I am going to try to post a video or two later on, but I don't yet know if they turned out or not. Stay tuned!

Beautiful flower
Octopus!Front and center!
Hannah's class made Gingerbread People that traveled around to various places. Hannah's person went to Erie, PA, to visit her Nana, Papa, Aunt Nikki, and Aunt Ali. Nikki put together a special keepsake book that showcases Gingerbread's adventures in Erie (bottom left corner). Thanks, Aunt Nikki!

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Reflecting on God's goodness

As our middle baby will officially be two years old in mere minutes, I can't help but sit here and consider the countless ways that she has blessed our lives. This little miracle from God (we have three of them, you know), who is the spitting image of her daddy, has officially lived up to her middle name. Please allow me to brag a moment. While Delaney is known by most as being timid and shy, she is also kind, funny, affectionate, silly, and so, so loving. She dotes on her two sisters and runs with glee to greet Bryan at the end of the day. She loves to snuggle and begs for anyone who is willing to read books to her over and over again. Although she has just recently started to talk, she sure can sing. She sings the alphabet, "Jesus Loves Me", "The Wheels on the Bus", "Jesus Loves the Little Children", and many other songs.

Among my favorites is "Away in a Manger". This song is featured in a picture book we have, and Bryan, Hannah, and I read/sang it to her at least a thousand times over the holidays. Once January rolled around and the gifts and decorations were all put away, the little book got lost. Well, it reappeared this week and you would have thought she'd won the lottery! I was amazed at how well she remembered parts of the song. If you view the video below, you can hear her singing "I love thee, Lord Jesus", which is in the second verse of the song, and "no crib for a bed", which must have really made an impression on her... the baby Jesus had no crib!

Thank you, God, for our dear Delaney Joy. We are honored and humbled to be her Mommy and Daddy. Happy 2nd Birthday, Delaney! We love you!!!

Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy. He who goes out weeping, carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with him.

Psalm 126:5&6

Delaney Joy... our birthday girl!

Last weekend we celebrated Delaney's "tooth" birthday, as Hannah calls it. What she means to say is that Delaney is turning two (my dad likes to remind me that I used to say the same thing when I was little!). We invited my family over for dinner, cake, and--of course--presents! Here is the party girl realizing what FUN having a birthday can be...

Adjusting the elastic on her hat--and spying all the pretty PRESENTS!!!!

Running for the loot!

It's impossible to resist this sweetie pie!


We had all kinds of fun goodies for the eight kids at the party. Party hats, those things that unroll when you blow on them, bags of treats from the dollar bins at Target (specially and painstakingly selected for each child by Hannah, "primo party planner".), balloons, and bunny ears to ring in the Easter season. There were seven adults at the party so we were outnumbered by children... and it was FUN!!!!

Delaney and Sarah found these to be a bit tricky:

Will this child ever smile on cue???Hannah and our little bunnyThe cousins! From left to right: JoJo, Sarah, and Christopher (my sister's kids), Julia (my brother's daughter), Delaney (doesn't she look excited?!), Hannah, and Emma, and Tyler (my brother's son). Preparing to sing Happy BirthdayWe still can't believe we're a family of FIVE!

Here, Gram, taste this!

Meeting baby Christopher... finally!

This adorable little nephew of ours is sixteen days younger than Emma. Missy lives in New Hampshire, so it's been difficult to get together since they were born. Everyone was thrilled to have him here for a few days!
My mom and dad and their littlest grandchildren!

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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday afternoon puzzles

Hannah's friend Madeline came over to play this afternoon. The 3 girls enjoyed doing puzzles and being silly. Here they are!

Delaney... our big girl!

This afternoon, Delaney took her first nap in her new big-girl bed, in her new big-girl room. She loved it! We were planning to move her crib in so that Emma can finally move into the nursery, but if Delaney does well in the bed we'd be quite fine with that!

New 'do!

Happy Emma!

Emma is very social (at least so far) and LOVES it when people talk to her. Her face lights up with glee and she tries to talk back. This is a cute little movie I took yesterday morning of Emma and her daddy.

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

A special weekend with Nana and Papa

Big fun at the bowling alley! Here are Nana, Hannah, and Delaney checking out the scene.Delaney loved bowling with us. Cheering for herself!Help from PapaHannah needed help too. Although she has bowled before, she still literally throws the ball down onto the floor. I thought for sure she'd break all of her toes! She tried several different techniques, but she definitely prefers the toss.Even little Emma got in on the action.

An early present for the birthday girl

Later this month, Delaney will turn two years old. Nana and Papa brought her an early gift... her very own pink Radio Flyer tricycle. It has working turn signals, an electronic horn, and music. She kept saying, "mine! mine!" and couldn't wait for Daddy to put it together so she could try it out.

Thank you, Nana!
Peeking inside. Hurry up, Daddy! At least she could play with the cool sounds and lights while she waited...Handyman DaddyWheee!!!Whew! It's hard work toting a baby AND driving a bike!