Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Yes, I am happy to report that we are still alive.  Things have been so busy for us since Thanksgiving that I just have not had the time (and admittedly not made it a priority) to post pictures.  So I am posting a few from the past three months and then I hope to get back into my regular blogging pattern.

We spent Thanksgiving in Erie, where we celebrated Steve and Babs's anniversary.  Fun!
We stopped to visit Aunt Susan.

and enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at Aunt Kath and Uncle Dave's house.

Bryan and his Grandma Rita.  She passed away in January.  We miss you, Grandma. 
moving on...
Christmas morning
That same day, we loaded into the car and drove south...
I am ashamed (and a little grossed-out) to divulge that we must've stopped at 7 different McDonalds' over the duration of our trip.  This one had fancy couches and comfy chairs.
Our first stop was NC to visit Bryan's family.  This is him with his siblings, Dan, Amanda, and Adam.
We celebrated Bryan's mom's big birthday while we were there.  It included dinner at a lovely Inn... well as a day at the spa for the ladies.  Bliss!

A few days later we continued south to visit our dear friends the Kramers.  They live in Florida.

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